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Frontoplasty is a surgery that rejuvenates the frontal region of the face, including the forehead and eyebrows.

This surgical procedure tightens the skin of the forehead in such a way that the wrinkles go unnoticed. When the patient has many wrinkles on the forehead caused by aging on the forehead, it is sometimes necessary to remove excess skin. This surgery also improves the appearance of the eyebrows, by raising the eyebrows.

With this procedure, you will feel rejuvenated, with a nice brow, and a more youthful brow.

Who Is Facelift And Face Lift Surgery Indicated For?

  • In those patients with wrinkles in the lateral orbital region, known as «chicken feet».
  • Any adult patient with vertical wrinkles between the eyebrows.
  • Any patient of legal age with horizontal wrinkles on the forehead.
  • Any patient of legal age with horizontal wrinkles in the upper part of the nose.
  • Patients with a wrinkle on the forehead.

What To Do Before The Forehead Surgery?

You should attend a first appointment with the plastic and aesthetic surgeon specialist César Fernández, where he will assess your concerns, ask you what you dislike about your forehead, teach you about the surgery, and your expectations. A complete medical history will be made where their history will be investigated and a complete physical examination will be performed.

Photos of the forehead may be taken for later comparison. The patient’s wrinkles, the degree of eyebrow ptosis will be studied. These photographs will serve to plan your surgery. It may require combinations with other surgeries such as blepharoplasty or rhytidoplasty.

Before The Surgery:

  • Do not consume medications that contain salicylic acid (Aspirin), ibuprofen, naproxen, sulindac, nimesulide and derivatives.
  • Do not smoke cigarette, tobacco at least 30 days before the procedure.
  • Inform your Plastic and Aesthetic Surgeon César Fernández about all allergies you suffer. What are the improvements you want made to your forehead.
  • May require laboratory tests such as blood count, blood glucose, TP, TPT. Some older patients may need other tests. It should always be evaluated by an anesthesiologist.

What Does Frontoplasty Consist Of?

It is performed in an operating room with general anesthesia. Some incisions are made at the level of the hair implantation line from ear to ear (coronal approach). Other times, a midline incision and 2 incisions are made on each side of the forehead. Through these incisions, the skin is separated from the skull bone to later tighten it. This way you can look more rejuvenated.

It is possible to use an endoscopic approach through small incisions in the forehead to be able to directly visualize the structure of the forehead.

Observation in the hospital is required for 12 hours. In most cases it is an outpatient surgical procedure.

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Frontoplasty Complications

  • Anesthesia on the forehead and scalp. Loss of movement of the forehead or eyelids.
  • Hemorrhage, bruising. So they will wear bandages for at least seven days after the frontoplasty.
  • There are other risks such as asymmetries in the forehead, asymmetries in the eyebrows that require a new surgical intervention, it is very rare.

After Surgery:

  • You will come out with medication orders, disability and control date.
  • After 6 hours, your diet will be a normal diet.
  • Continue to take prophylactic pain relievers and antibiotics as directed by your doctor. 
    Within 2 days after surgery, you can sleep semi-sitting with the head tilted.
  • You will be able to read or watch television after surgery.
  • You cannot wear makeup until 14 days after surgery.
  • You cannot exercise or sport until 21 days after surgery.
  • Avoid lifting children or pets after surgery.
  • Do not expose yourself to sunlight for 8 weeks. Wear sunscreen and a hat.

General Recommendations:

It is important to be realistic with the results of the surgery, with this procedure you can rejuvenate up to 10 years.

You should always take pictures and tests in the places indicated by your plastic surgeon.

Any concerns you have should be reported to the plastic surgeon.

You must comply with all the recommendations of your plastic surgeon, follow the formulation instructions with the schedule, take care of your wounds and attend to all controls.

Always consult the plastic surgeon.

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