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How Is The Study And Diagnosis Of Baldness?

The plastic surgeon, is a trained professional in baldness, will immediately detect the cause of your baldness. Before surgery, you may be given treatment to control the cause of your baldness.Their follicular density and the caliber of the hairs will be assessed. In addition, a microscope will assess whether there are donor areas from which to remove the hair implant.

Photos will always be taken before and after surgery.

The Plastic and Aesthetic Surgeon César Fernández will always be attentive to your taste, in which areas you want hair implanted, your way of combing your hair. You will have to tell your plastic surgeon everything.

How is a micrograft performed?

You will have a complete consultation. Where our Plastic and Aesthetic Surgeon César Fernández will personally assist you. It will make an adequate clinical history. The Plastic and Aesthetic Surgeon César Fernández will ask you about your wishes for surgery. He will explain what the surgery will be like, the indications, the hair donor sites and what the postoperative period will be like.

Your level of baldness will be established. All your hairs will be valued in density and thickness. You can be shown before and after photographs of similar cases.

Consider the Plastic and Aesthetic Surgeon César Fernández as a professional to whom you can tell all your doubts and questions.

colombia hair graft

What examinations is performed for a hair implant?

In a person under 40 years of age none. In an older person, our Plastic and Aesthetic Surgeon César Fernández will tell you what exams to do according to your age.

How is surgery performed?

  • The surgery is performed on a stretcher in an operating room or procedure room. Where semi-sitting, the hairs will be pulled out from the back of the neck.
  • These will later be implanted in the bald area. Small incisions of 1 millimeter each will be made to introduce the hair follicle. We guarantee that the hair follicles are yours and those that are completely healthy will be introduced.
  • The entire procedure will be performed under local anesthesia.

Differences between the FUE technique and the strip technique.

  • The FUE technique does not leave a scar, instead the strip technique does leave a horizontal scar on the neck.
  • The FUE technique removes the follicles one by one. On the other hand, in the Strip technique, the follicles are all removed in a single strip, they must be separated under a microscope.

As is the postoperative period of a hair graft.

  • It is an outpatient surgery.
  • You do not need general anesthesia.
  • It is performed under local anesthesia.
  • The same day of the procedure you will go to your house,
  • You will be able to return to work 5 to 7 days after surgery.

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