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Hyaluronic acid Colombia

The aesthetic treatment that helps to eliminate wrinkles that have arisen over time or other reasons.

Wrinkle Filler What drives us?

What are their indications?

The most common causes that drive us to undergo this aesthetic treatment.

  • Wrinkles on the face
  • Very pronounced furrows on the face
  • Recover the volume of the face lost by aging
  • Lip filler
  • Its main indications are: facial rejuvenation, volume restoration, nasal or atrial lobe remodeling, hand rejuvenation and scar treatment.

Classification Implants Wrinkle Filler

Depending on the need and requirement of the patient, one or the other will be used.

Hyaluronic acid

  • Hyaluronic Acid is an acid that is reabsorbed up to 1 year later, it has the function of filling atrophic tissues, attracting water and thus increasing the volume of any tissue such as skin.
  • There are densities that are applied depending on the depth of the tissue.
  • In a non-invasive procedure .
  • After 3 days the swelling from the needles will decrease.

The risks are minimal. There are rare risks such as granulomas, overfilling and skin necrosis.There are very rare dangerous complications as migration can lead to blindness or stroke (cerebral thrombosis) and even death. It has been mentioned that excess surface application of the filler can produce a bluish optical effect through the skin (Tyndall effect).

It is injected according to its depth: It is injected subcutaneously for small wrinkles.

Supraperiosteal is injected to fill other facial areas


  • Hydroxyapatite is composed of synthetic macroparticles of calcium hydroxyapatite (caha) dissolved in a gelatinous solution that stimulate the production of dermis. In the market it is known as Radiesse.
  • The texture is creamy, when injected it remains soft. It is natural to palpation. It is injected into 1 milliliter syringes and its duration of effect can be from two to five years.
  • Complications are nodule formation, implant migration, and granuloma formation.
  • It is especially indicated in patients with facial lipoatrophy and HIV patients.


  • The product used is Aquamid.
  • It is a transparent gel-like substance with 95% water and 5% of a hydrophilic polyacrylamide polymer.
  • It is considered a permanent implant, it can be used on the lips.
  • Complications are rare, these include granulomas as a reaction to a foreign body, nodules, Staphylococcus aureus infection.

Collagen for Wrinkles

  • The products used are Zyderm and Zyplast
  • Bovine dermal collagen is a reconstituted, purified and enzymatically digested material. Its effect lasts for six months. The ampoules must be refrigerated. Repeated injections are required.Complications are hypersensitivity reactions such as foreign body granulomas, cysts, and sterile abscesses.


  • Polyalquimidas, with its star product, Bioalcamid , is a substance made up of 3% by a crosslinked polymer, and 97% by water .
  • This permanent product allows to correct volume in any part of the body. Used in aesthetics, trauma or congenital deformities
  • Around the polyalkimides, a capsule is formed, which prevents it from moving and being isolated from the other tissues. In addition, in case of complication it can be removed more easily.

Bioalcamid is indicated in cases of:

  • Facial cosmetic filler.
  • HIV facial lipoatrophy.
  • Post-surgical sequelae.
  • Birth defects
  • It can be used as a filler anywhere on the body.

What are the general complications of all filler implants?

1. Redness and local inflammation that occurs from the injections: can last up to 3 days.

2. Hematomas: by lesions of capillaries being injected into the tissue, or by the vasodilatory effect of lidocaine. Its effect disappears after 10 days.

3. Asymmetries or overcorrections: Dependent on the quantity used.

4. Hypersensitivity reactions: as local irritation.

The only product that requires allergy testing is bovine collagen.

5. Skin necrosis : When large amounts or very superficial are applied. Antidote is recommended.

Short – medium term complications:

  1. Palpable or visible nodules: if applied very superficially.

2. Activation of the Herpes Simplex Virus : it can recur in patients who have previously had cold sores.

Long-term complications:

1. Granulomas: they occur mainly with the use of permanent fillers, and rarely with hyaluronic acid. They can last months to years. It requires treatment and even surgery to remove it.

They can appear months after treatment and last for years.

2. Migration of the product to other parts of the body.

Very rare side effects are: dyspnea, facial paralysis, collagen disease, infection, scarring and even death.

hyaluronic acid Colombia

Colombia wrinkle filler